About Us

What sets Trulite Home Care, Inc. from every other home health care provider is our uniqueness in the way we approach the care needs of our client.

Service titles may be similar across all home health care providers, but when it comes to performance and respect, nothing beats Trulite Home Care, Inc. genuine care for your wellness and comfort. We respect your unique situation, condition, and the pain and discomfort you are feeling. We take everything into consideration before carrying on a task.

Our care coordinators will tailor a care plan that combines all the necessary health services you would get in a hospital setting or a rehabilitative care facility. We take these services and form an individualized care plan that can be administered to the client in a home setting.

It saves the client and the family from having to spend so much on long-term hospitalization. In fact, many of the individuals we care for are discharged from the hospital early to continue their treatment at home.

If home care is what you’re looking for, you can find it at Trulite Home Care, Inc. We hope that we can enlighten you on the benefits of our services. Please visit us at our office for a consultation or give us a call at 432-607-2516 for further inquiries.